The best detox in the world isn’t going to be in a tea or any other supplements to detox the body. The body already has 6 organs (liver, kidneys, lymph nodes, skin, lungs and colon) that detox 2lbs of waste and toxins per day! Drinking a tea, soup or popping pills to detox for improved energy or weight loss is counter productive because there is not one detox that assist all the body systems and organs responsible for a detoxing. Furthermore, you can neglect the nutritional needs of the 5 other organs that need to continue detoxing from waste and other toxins. The best way to get a boost of energy, jump start weight lost and detox your body is to simply begin avoiding processed foods, alcohol, refined sugars and caffeinated beverages to name a few and begin introducing your body to foods that help the 6 organs in the body detox naturally and more efficiently. But most will say, easier said than done. In reality, it is rather simple but the challenge lies in ones ability to detox from these four things:

Detox from negative stories about yourself. The stories of self doubt. The thoughts you tell yourself that drain your energy and do not promote self love. The stories that say you’ll fail and get disappointed if you get too excited or commit too much to your goals. It doesn’t matter if the goals are health and fitness related, a new business or finding true love. Whatever it is, try detoxing from that thought processes. See, it is those thoughts that can lead to unhealthy habits because we are ultimately trying to suppress our sadness and depression. Put an end to the stories of I don’t have money to eat healthy and go to the gym. If you got money for convenience food you have money for healthy food. Can’t afford to go to the gym, workout at home, a park, just go outside for a jog. I don’t have time for cooking and exercise. Sure you do! But what you don’t have is enough energy to cook and exercise with all those thoughts of self doubt in your head. We have money and time for what we prioritize and we prioritize things that we feel confident in being we’ll be successful and it is a guarantee it’ll make us feel good.

Detox from mindless activities, social media, technology and unnecessary conversations like gossipping about celebrities and other friends unfortunate business behind their backs… At the end of the day, these are the activities that are taking up the time we think we don’t have to eat healthy and exercise.

Detox from toxic relationships and environments. This is probably one of the biggest influencers that lead us to eating poorly, not being active which then lead to the idea that we need to detox our bodies from! Our social surroundings are a major influence on our daily habits. Stop for a second and ask yourself a few questions, Who am I around? What are they doing to me? What do they have me saying? Where do they have me going? What do they have me thinking? And most importantly, who and what do they have me becoming? The lastly, ask yourself, is all of this ok??? Understand this! Your life doesn’t get better by chance it gets better by change. We need two major things from our relationships and environment and that is love and respect! If the people you spend your time with don’t respect your need for a healthier lifestyle, then maybe you need to take some time away so you can build yourself up or create some boundaries. And if they love you, they’ll support you or atleast stay out of your way and not hold you back!

Detox from an unhealthy identity – I’m not the type of person that eats vegetables. I am not the type of person that drinks water! That identity is going to lead you into becoming a person that will live a prescription based lifestyle eventually if it already hasn’t happened. Detox from being that person. Because that identity will more than likely create habits and behaviors that will cause unhealthy eating routines that will create the necessity to detox from!

Before one can truly experience the benefits from nutrition and exercise, they have to tackle the challenges of their mindset and habits initially. If you recognize the need for a detox from your habits please feel free to email me at for online and in person fitness programs.

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