Corrective Exercise Specialist

You are as strong as your weakest link!

Corrective Exercise Specialist

Our Elite Fit Corrective Exercise Specialist (CES) will help clients and athletes prevent injuries, reduce movement deficiencies, improve muscle imbalances, and maximize results by creating safe, individualized training programs by identifying dysfunctions, developing a plan of action, and implementing corrective exercise solutions. One of the most common reasons people don’t continue with exercise regimen isn’t lack of results due to diet but actually physical pain throughout their body. If simply movement hurts from the gym to the bedroom it can be very discouraging to continue moving in such a manner. A corrective exercise specialist works to eliminate pain, improve posture and flexibility, while reducing the risk of nagging injuries through innovative corrective exercise programs. If you can’t imagine, how beneficial a corrective exercise specialist can be, imagine if one of your goals was to improve the strength and toning of your arms but you have pain in the elbow. A corrective exercise specialist can help alleviate the discomfort and allow pain free movement so you can experience a good workout and begin creating results with minimal to no pain! Another example, discomfort in the knee can inhibit you from developing nice, toned and firm thigh and butt muscles. A CES can properly guide you with exercises that will continue to build these muscles while offering relief in the actual knee joint itself. Also, in quite a few cases with clients, the joint discomfort has been completely alleviated. You are as strong as your weakest link! A corrective exercise specialist strengthens you from your weakest links to prevent any future plateaus that are unforeseeable at the time…

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