Embrace Serenity: Empowering Anxious Kids for a Brighter Tomorrow

This program addresses the growing issue of stress and anxiety in children by providing tailored mindfulness techniques and stress management strategies. By empowering anxious kids with essential life skills, it aims to reduce anxiety levels, fostering resilience and confidence for a happier, more confident future.

Embrace Serenity: Empowering Anxious Kids for a Brighter Tomorrow

Do you know kids or have kids, who are constantly stressed or anxious, struggling to cope with life’s pressures? It’s heartbreaking to see young minds burdened by anxiety, and it’s a problem we must address.

The problem is that many kids today face mounting pressures, from academic stress to social challenges. This constant worry and tension can lead to inability to focus, low self-esteem, and a sense of hopelessness.

Perhaps you’ve seen these kids try to manage their stress on their own, but their efforts often fall short.
They may have tried various coping mechanisms, from digital distractions to isolation, but none of these options provide lasting relief. The truth is, young minds can’t navigate this alone, and their anxiety continues to hold them back.

But here’s the stark reality: ignoring these issues won’t make them disappear. The longer anxiety lingers, the deeper its roots grow.

We know that teaching kids mindfulness techniques, exercise and stress management strategies is crucial. These are life skills that will empower them to face life’s challenges head-on, without being overwhelmed by anxiety.

Our program, “Social Emotional Teaching Through Fitness” is designed to equip stressed or anxious kids with the tools they need to regain control over their emotions and build resilience. It’s about guiding them toward a brighter, calmer future, where they can thrive without the heavy burden of anxiety weighing them down.

In each class setting the kids practice meditation, gratitude and affirmations along with a fitness routine based on Animal Flow, Yoga or Tai Chi. The goal is to create self-awareness of their mind, emotions and body. Which then gives the kids access to regulate them in a more healthy way.

Not only will they learn healthy emotional coping skills but also an alternate way to exercise that isn’t centered around their appearance and physical makeup. But still provides improvement of their physical well being. As a bonus for the parents and caretakers, at the end of the program the kids will demonstrate a flow based on Animal Flow movements, Yoga or Tai Chi.

Each program is run over 4 weeks.
The next Program begins 11/4,11/11,11/18,11/25 @11:30am
Initial Program: $60
On-going: $80 per program (4 sessions)
$25 per class for pay as you go
Located at Pine Brook Fitness
130 Rhodes St. New Rochelle NY 10801

If you’d like more information please contact Coach Jhunt
Email: [email protected]
Phone Number: 914-500-8102