5 Secrets to boosting your metabolism

5 Secrets to boosting your metabolism

The 5 Secrets to “Elevating your metabolism”

As a personal trainer in Westchester, New Rochelle, one of the BIGGEST questions I get asked about is “How do I Boost their metabolism”! And how can I boost my metabolism without hating the process?

Here are my 5 secrets to “Boosting your metabolism”

1)      The number one secret is understanding that elevating your metabolism permanently requires consistency and dedication. There are no shortcuts! Temporary boost don’t compound for the boost of your metabolism to increase gradually over time. Be MENTALLY prepared to get those reps in! Not just the reps in each set but those mental reps of you getting into the gym. The mental reps of you staying on course with your nutrition. The mental reps far succeed in importance of the physical reps.

2)      The second secret is knowing how much protein is needed to build muscle. Numerous studies have concluded, you need approximately .7 to 1 gram of protein per pound of your current lean body weight or your desired body weight. Please understand, this recommendation is for someone to build muscle, which requires strength training to properly balance out this increased need for protein. 

3)      The third secret is following progressive overload. To continuously elevate your metabolic rate, one needs to continuously build muscle. Not just fatigue the muscles for weight loss and have temporary boost. The marker for knowing if your building muscle is to measure your volume. The formula for measuring volume is Reps X Sets X Weight. The greater this number is gradually growing within your workouts is a great indicator if you’re building more muscle or not. More muscle you build equals a more permanent boost in your metabolic rate. 

4)      Increasing your metabolic rate permanently requires you to build muscle. When we go to the gym, we break muscle down to begin the process called protein synthesis. The actual building of muscle doesn’t happen in the gym but while we sleep at night. If you aren’t willing to adjust your lifestyle to get a good night’s rest because you are awake scrolling, netflexing or doing virtually anything that isn’t allowing you to get deep REM sleep then you’ll hinder your ability to heal and grow more muscle. In short, deep REM sleep is a major component in permanently boosting your metabolism.

5)    Birds of a feather usually flock together. If your immediate circle isn’t making present strides towards a healthier lifestyle, then their presence is going to create potential roadblock. If they are inconsistent, misinformed or have poor lifestyle habits and they influence you either directly or indirectly you’ll struggle massively! You’ll need ACCOUNTABILITY to make these lifestyle changes. If your current circle doesn’t establish accountability or does the complete opposite by pulling you in the wrong direction… You are going to have to create or find a circle of influence with like minded individuals that are willing to share and go through this journey with you! If that doesn’t work hire a coach or trainer for guidance, support, accountability and structure. Your circle of influence can play a major role in your success. You can also join the Elite Path, which is an online coaching and fitness program where I remove the nutrition and fitness guesswork for you and give you motivation, accountability and the best information on how to boost your metabolic rate and immunity. 

Any one of these secrets could be the one that moves the needle for you and helps you hit this goal right away. And one of these secrets probably speaks to you more than the other ones!

What was your favorite secret? Comment below