5 Secrets for an Endomorph (Big Boned Folks) to lose 100lbs!

The 5 Secrets for an Endomorph to lose 100lbs

All bodies aren’t created equal. But according to most fitness trends and fads, they contain the holy grail to all physical transformations. The truth of the matter is there are some basic truths that hold water and then there is some sketchy information as well. However, depending on your body type some of these truths can be more or less important for you to transform your body. Generally speaking there are three bodies, also known as Sonoma Body Types. 

Ectomorphs are those folks that struggle with gaining weight (muscle and fat), usually aren’t very strong but do have the ability to have great cardio vascular capabilities. They are lean and sometimes lanky with high metabolisms. Without weight training they can appear to be thin without much muscle definition but with strength training they create definition rather easily but more challenging to develop muscular hypertrophy. Think of those people who win marathons and how their bodies are shaped, those folks are usually ectomorphs. 

Then we have Endomorphs, which are the complete opposite of ectomorphs. Endomorphs often get labelled as “big boned” (even though their bones are the same diameter as an ectomorph) because of their naturally large frames. Endomorphs tend to create fat and build muscle rather easily. They are usually really strong but lack cardiovascular endurance. Think of sumo wrestlers and world strongest people competitions. Endomorphs have soft and round frames, can be stocky and usually have slower metabolisms.

Lastly, we have Mesomorphs. These folks get the best of both worlds. They build muscle and strength easily while keeping fat off their bodies. They usually have good endurance and are powerful as well. They tend to have natural athletic frames. Male mesomorphs tend to have a more V cut tapered build, while mesomorph women are curvy with small waist. 

Ok so now that we got the explanation of each body type out of the way, you can probably see that certain workouts aren’t going to be as beneficial for certain body types where other workouts will highlight the strengths of another body type. For example, if you tell an endomorph and an ectomorph to go run 3 miles, more than likely the ectomorph will win pretty easily. On the other hand, if you made an ectomorph and an endomorph attempt to power lift together, you’ll find the endomorph is in his or her own natural element and effortlessly outlifts the ectomorph. Therefore, if we are talking about body transformation either body type will need to focus on their weaknesses to see any major changes that’ll sustain.

As an online fitness coach one of the BIGGEST questions I get from Endomorphs is “How do I lose 100lbs and keep it off? And what do I need to do in order to hit this goal without getting injured, feel like I am not missing out on life and losing motivation?


Here are my 5 secrets for an endomorph to lose 100lbs:


1)      Secret Number one is to practice patience and forgiveness towards yourself. The road to 100lbs down is not straight! Expect setbacks! They are a part of the process. The more you accept that the journey is not about the scale but more about creating a disciplined mindset by showing up and reprioritizing your life so you can become consistent with your nutrition and training to progressively develop some rockstar transformational habits. Begin the practice of tracking your mental wins over your weekly scale wins and in the long run, you’ll succeed!

2)      Secret number two is that Endomorphs usually are insulin resilient. This means they’ll process high carb foods into sugar which will then be stored as fat. An endomorph needs to focus on 20% Carbohydrates, 40% Fat and 40% Protein. Eat carbs that are high in fiber and low in starch. If you do consume carbs that have sugar, make sure they also have fiber and eat them closer to workout time. Not all starchy carbs are bad for endomorphs, starchy carbs that are full of antioxidants like squash, sweet potatoes and carrots are good.  

3)     Secret number three is an endomorph that needs to attach their weakest link for a physical transformation. Their weakest link is going to be building their cardiopulmonary system. The best approach to this is cardio endurance training NOT muscular endurance training. THERE IS  A BIG DIFFERENCE! HIIT training is normally muscular endurance which may not be the best approach for a true endomorph. As much as the fitness industry bashes steady state cardio, it is actually the best approach for an endomorph. Strength and mobility training are both vital as well and should be catered more towards improving range of motion and strengthening the body to allow optimizing an endomorph’s cardio capabilities. This will be a game changer for an endomorph.

4)      Secret number four is by far the toughest to accept! If you are an endomorph, with a genetic predisposition of storing fat easily in unwanted (sometimes wanted) areas, then your physical transformation is going against your body’s natural design. Attempting techniques and shortcuts like body wraps and metabolism teas will always fail you in the long run. Although, those tactics will allow you to see changes, your body will eventually reset back to its original state. The only way to sustain your progress is it’ll have to become a lifestyle. Focus on what you can control and create a lifestyle around that! You can control your nutritional intake, exercise habits, water consumption, bedtime routine, emotional coping and establishing routines around which acts of self love and care you practice like prayer and meditation. 

5)      Secret number five is building a support system. Endomorphs need to increase their daily activity. One way to do this is going for a walk or participating in a sport or some kind of extracurricular activity that requires physical activity. Don’t really solely on training to lose weight but be active. Surround yourself around people that are currently active or wish to be more active throughout the day. You can take walks together, bowl, hike, swim or bike just for fun. Don’t make it about exercise and calories burned but enjoy each other’s company and have a great time being physically active! Having a support system around doing fun physical activities can help you continue your training goals so you can continue doing the fun stuff as well!   


Any one of these secrets could be the one that moves the needle for you and helps you hit this goal right away. And one of these secrets probably speaks to you more than the other ones!

What was your favorite secret? Comment below